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Harness the Potential of Holiday Shopping. Buy Eco & Sustainable Fashion & Home

28th Nov 2014

Today is the start of holiday shopping madness in America. While some people shop for the holiday season early and have already gotten their holiday gifts, the National Retail Federation claims that sixty-two percent of shoppers use Black Friday as their kicking off point. Today is the point where it becomes okay to listen to Christmas music, deck the halls, and shop SHOP SHOP!

According to the marketing firm IBISWorld, on Black Friday alone Americans will spend roughly $13 billion dollars. We wait in lines and fight off crowds to get the best deal on the biggest items. Our inboxes are flooded with sale ads from all the big name retailers, but of that $13 billion dollars retail stores get out of American consumers today, how many of them recognize the power of their purchase?

No one can stop the rush of holiday shopping madness, so why not harness its potential? By giving eco gifts this season, you’re making a meaningful choice to use your power to better the planet and the lives of many of the people who live here. You’re giving in a way that truly makes a difference, and inspiring your loved ones to do the same.