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Water Makes You Happy

Water Makes You Happy

24th Nov 2018

I was just having a conversation about why we feel better by water.The argument was whether water feels better or being in the mountains. I'd say water any day. There is no argument that the mountains or any part of nature are enormously healing and rejuvenation.  We feel most at peace and experience the happiest times while in nature.

Humans physiology is made mostly of water. About 70% of the Earth is covered with Water.  Oceans like forests release the most effective healing minerals that we breathe and swim in.  When we swim in clean water, our hair and skin are soft and supple. Clean water is essential to our existence and the survival of the planet, oceans, sea life, forests and everything else that exists.

The beauty of this story is that so many courageous people have made it a mission in life to remove plastics from the oceans.  There is more work to be done such as diverting waste and preventing them from pouring into the ocean.  Use your imagination. How bad could this get! 

If you are on and specially if you are reading this blog, you deeply care about your health and the Environment.  You are GREAT!  Thank you for your interest and preserving our planet, and contributing to your health, those around you and our Environment.  

This blog was inspired by a recent trip by the ocean and this timely article about the science behind why we feel happier being near water. I received this through Condé Nast Traveller's free email subscription.  Beautiful Nature Photography. Enjoy reading and dreaming below, and return to to shop Sustainable and Environmentally responsible.

Here is the link:

You are a Sustainable, Eco, Organic and a Natural Shopper.  When you shop Sustainable, Earth is Happier! :)