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Healing through Power of Nature

Healing through Power of Nature

25th Nov 2017

There is no better way to heal than through nature. Many of us know that medicinal herbs, good organic food, clean air, sterling pure water, natural medicine, and time well spent in nature help the healing process. Using these tools to supplement a health routine, combined with a positive perspective and finding joy in life, can help you nurture yourself and your loved ones.

Keeping toxins out of your body is as important as cleansing and healing; the recipe of healthy living also includes building a lifestyle that surrounds you with everyday products that keep you healthy. Toxic Chemicals are found in thousands of products; however, natural products are plentiful and easily accessible. That’s why we love to share the importance of natural personal care products, natural and organic eco fashion, natural cleaning products, and all natural mattress and bedding.

You can even improve your clean indoor air quality through using sustainable interior goods free from volatile organic compounds (VOCs*). They can be found in clothing, bedding, carpeting, mattress, and more. Why not chose natural and organic products to benefit your health and the planet’s?

Indoor Air Quality in your home and office contributes considerably to your health, especially if you spend the majority of your time indoors, and especially in the cold months. Using not only Sustainable products but Eco, Natural and Organic products are most important during these times. Wool carpet with either no dyes or natural dyes, FSC** wood floor with natural finishes, zero VOC paint, sustainable furnishings, and all natural and eco clothing are choices that can help keep bodies and minds stronger and healthier and can contribute to long fulfilling lives.

When we’re closer to nature, we breathe healthier air filled with minerals rising from the ocean and the forests. When food is not sprayed with toxic chemicals, we eat higher quality minerals and nutrients. In the cities with high level of pollution, the nutritional values are much lower. This is why vacations away from cities are regenerating.

VOCs create free radicals in the body that slowly eat away at the health of the cells. According to health publications, we continually regenerate and replace cells. Through this cycle, we have the opportunity to improve the quality of cellular functions and rebuild our bodies in a much healthier way. The circle of life between people and the planet continues forever. It makes sense that whatever affects our health, affects the health of our environment and vice versa. The balance of minerals and vitamins in our bodies are as critical as Planet Earth’s and that of the Environment.

Spend as much time outdoors as possible in forests, at beaches, on islands and in the mountains with least amount of urban developments and pollution. Meditating with deep breathing, gentle yoga, and participating in your favorite sport in good clean air almost always support optimizing health. Combined with delicious healthy organic foods, pure clean water, healthy indoor and outdoor air, Eco, Organic and Sustainable and personal shopping, you have an amazing recipe for a terrific holiday, 2018 and always.