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Why Sustainable

We live in a fast past changing world with multitude of un-predicable circumstance from every direction.

Some current events we have control of and some we don't.  At Solne, we feel strongly about taking steps in the right direction of minimizing waste and maximize earth friendly manufacturing of natural products.  We can't eliminate waste completely but lets take the steps we know how and keep learning ways to improve the quality of our daily practices and manufacturing. 

Regardless of conflicting views, we do have a problem. Why not use this opportunity to improve the economy by bounds and leaps.  We can change the economy by manufacturing people and earth friendly materials. We can build with naturally occurring materials that work chemically in balance, and in harmony with us, the chemicals of the earth and the environment.  Arsenic and oil are naturally occurring materials.  Too much of any one thing is not a good thing!  The chemical balance of natural materials and minimizing the use of any single seriously toxic chemical can make a cosmically significant difference.  What goes a round, comes around.  If we put toxins in the earth or the environment, it will circle right back to us, and the future generation.  I for one, love watching our healthy children and feel the pain of our unhealthy children not to mention all people with illness.

Many people and organizations believe that disease can be lessened significantly with less toxins.  Our physiology can process some amounts of toxins and learn to over come it or eliminate it.  It cannot handle the daily exposure to toxins ingested on a daily basis from multiple avenues.  There are serious concerns about our food sources, crops of different types, drinking water sources, our oceans and seas, soil, air, agroforestry, forests, and other natural resources.

Our only concern isn’t the chemicals. Our world has changed to a bacteria, virus and germ mutating and propagating venue. Our healthy and well balanced minerals and nutrients have been affected and compromised allowing the growth of these some times deadly germs.

Being the guardian of all of the above matters is our responsibility. We depend on them to survive and frankly I would rather view a beautifully sceneries of beaches, oceans, and forests knowing that all is well under and through it.

It is fantastic to see the passion of millions. It is exciting to see LEED certification has increased by thousands if not millions. Low and Zero VOC have become common terms. Green and Eco Fashion and Home products are familiar terms to millions. It is important to understand the relevance of natural and non-toxic materials to human health. We are evolving and understanding much more than even five years ago. The vision and the passion are growing and we are very proud to be a part of it.