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Eco News

November 29, 2014

New products are arriving!  We have amazing new lines to add to our collections.  Always stylish and the best Sustainable Quality Products we can find!  Lets get together and change consumerism.  So much has changed all over the world and here in USA.  Did you check our USA Made Products Category?  More USA Made Fitness products on their way. They will arrive next week!  Check them online in the next few days!  They are made in Los Angeles with minimal carbon footprint!  We are ecstatic to be working with such conscientious groups of designers, manufacturers and distributors! 

Happy Holidays!  We give Thanks to our partners supplying us with stylish planet caring products.  Join us to help change the power of purchase!  It will change how things are done in this world! This is a strong statement already in action around the Globe!




April 24, 2014

We will be opening stores in Colorado soon!  Its been quite busy lately.  We have a lot of new product lines.  Our new look will be worked on soon and our new products will be presented as well.  Our stores will open this year. We are very excited and can't wait to share the Grand Opening news with you.

Stay tuned.  We will make a big splash!  It's a very exciting time for us and the Sustainable Eco-Green World!  Get down to earth and get organic with us!

Our website is currently filled with fabulous Spring Products so look for your favorites and what makes you feel great about yourself! Wear Eco and put Organic on and in your body! Buy natural and sustainable.

Happy Spring 2014!  Watch for great new announcements! 






News-June 1, 2013

We still have new products arriving for Summer fun and games.  Our Men's line will continue to grow.  Many USA based Eco Fashion companies have created eco men's clothing that fit our USA based Culture.  Within the next week or two, you will see more super casual eco men's clothing for your comfort and summer enjoyment.


News-April 2013

Have you checked our Eco Home Categories.  We have brought you our lovely lines of eco acessories to add charm to your home naturally.  Look for our new banner coming up in early June.  We won't stop here.  We have located more Eco Home products for a naturally Sustainable and Green Home.  Our goal is for you to have a home where you can live and breath healthy indoor air with excellent quality instead of Volitle Organic Compounds (VOC) that may be cause for health concerns.  At Solné you will be able to buy Natural, Eco, and Reclaimed home goods.  Look at our Eco Home Category for our current offerings, and keep coming back for more to be introduced soon.


News-March 2013

Solne's team has been attending Fashion and Accessories Tradeshows.  We are excited and would like to share the good news with you.  US Manufacturing Industry is making a come back.  Although, a good amount of our raw resources are still coming from over seas, we have proudly begun milling and manufacturing in USA.  We will be soon offering a beautiful new collection of fashion and accessories manufactured in Los Angeles and other states.

We are in search of more home products.  Please continue to visit us as we are loading products for your home.

We continue to search for Eco, Green, and Sustainable products that meet the highest standards and bring quality and beauty to you and your families.

News-October 2012

Solne Eco Department Store's New Launch

Solne Eco, Green, Sustainable Department Store in Colorado

Solne is getting started with a great deal of appreciation, pride and excitement.  I would like to extend my appreciation to Solne's Eco Department Store, team members (old and new) for their hard work and dedication.  I am thrilled to have a team that believes in the cause and the importance of our principals.

I am pleased to have partnership with many outstanding suppliers who are strong and persist in the face of economical challenges and changes.  Starting a new business, a new brand based on new global and national principals takes visions and dedication.  They are providing value and helping to impact lives with good, honest products which are healthier for all walks of life.  Each and every one of them cares.  Many of their personal stories I know and appreciate. They are sincere and this is not only a professional but a personal stance.

My deepest regard and limitless gratitude to my family who worked hard and stood by me.  They understood my un-bending determination. They joined my belief that there is no other better time to re-launch Solne.  They've rolled up their sleeves and helped, sacrificed their time, and added to the value of the company with their many talents.  If they didn't know how to do something, they learned it and added to their skill set.  I can't thank them enough.  I"m extremely proud of them and feel that I'm an infinitely lucky parent. We have great plans for the future and we will keep you posted as they unfold.

We have investigated each line of products.  They have each met with our very long list of requirements.  They have been scrutinized by our team and we have found them to be the best selection of purest green products for Solne.  We will continue our daily search for new products to add to our collections for each department.  We will soon be adding to our Home Department and Wellness.  We will be creating our own brand of high quality products in 2013.  Please join us on this incredible journey.  We will continue to bring you wonderful products and incredible stories about people who make a significant difference in the world of Sustainability.


Solne Collections Eco Department Store