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The Case for Eco-Friendly Products – Solné

The Case for Eco-Friendly Products – Solné

9th Dec 2016

We are in the midst of a conscientious time. In the not-so-distant past, mainstream thinking didn’t even consider the materials we wore on our skin, the makeup of our kids’ toys, or the sustainability of our household goods.

Things are changing, and not a beat too soon. People are acknowledging on a mass level that our choices matter. Collectively, we are becoming aware and accepting that there truly is only one earth, and that we each only have one body while we are here on it.

Do the choices you make affect you and the world at large?

Yes. It does matter what you choose to buy, wear, and eat. A lifetime of sustainable choices can positively impact your health and that of the planet.

One Earth

There is a delicate balance to our environment, a balance that is rapidly being offset. But we can change this, and it starts with our choices. This time of year, when gift giving is at its height people often shop quickly and furiously, maximizing their savings and giving little though to the long-term impact of their actions as they check items off their gift list.

Consider things like gift wrapping. Can you imagine how many trees are slashed to create this festive yet wasteful paper? Did you know there are eco-friendly alternatives to gift wrap, ones that are sourced using sustainable methods and sometimes don’t even originate from trees at all? Solné has an assortment of gift wraps, cards, bags and accessories made from sustainable materials.

What about the paints, dyes, and colorants in the products you buy? Have you considered the impact of toxins and inhaled chemicals on items from home décor to children’s toys?

Gift giving is a cultural tradition, but it can be done in a conscientious way that doesn’t tax our planet. Retailers like Solné Eco Department Store are here to provide you options—options that have been carefully curated to offer the most appealing styles while protecting your health, and the earth, in the process.

One Body

Everyone has heard the popular saying “You are what you eat.” Well, you’re also what you wear—and not in the intangible fashion sense. Your skin is your largest organ. It matters what materials you drape on your shoulders every day. Organic cotton, particularly when colored using environmentally friendly dyes, is an excellent material that offers soft clothing free of harmful chemicals. Check out this selection of women’s natural fashion and men’s natural fashion.

One Future

It may seem difficult to reconcile the fact that our actions today will affect future generations, but it’s imperative that we make that connection. The truth is that our choices have long-lasting ramifications. This applies to both monumental choices and seemingly inconsequential ones. Together they all make a difference, and it is critical that each of us moves forward making mindful decisions. The choices we make now will affect our children and grandchildren. The changes we make to our thinking and our actions can have an impact that stretches far beyond our own lives. We are all a part of the fabric of life, and we must all do our parts to collectively protect our planet for generations to come.

You can make a difference! Next time you shop—for yourself, your family, and your gift giving—practice mindfulness in your choices. Visit Solné, the Eco Department Store, to explore eco-friendly and sustainable fashion and home goods.