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Blog Away the Toxic Lifestyle

Blog Away the Toxic Lifestyle

23rd Apr 2014

Imagine sparkling clean rivers, glistening forest leaves, birds chirping, fresh scent of spring blooms, a light breeze, and rays of sunshine creating shadows of tree trunks on the moist mossy forest ground.  I remember those days.  It wasn't too long ago.

These days we worry about toxic waters, air, food and wonder what is going to happen to the planet next.  We've journeyed from living a pure life and using nature to sustain and feed us organically to taking a stand against pollution and other harmful ways of living.  

Environmental Sustainability is pretty important.  What would happen if you never cleaned your house.  What if   billions of people not only didn't clean their houses but added to the mess by throwing plastic bottles around the living room; used shampoos filled with synthetic toxins that drain through the pipes into the water systems, left socks and clothes on the floor collecting dust and lint; let water sit in the corner of the room growing bacteria and mold; left plates of food around and not clean up for days on end; used lots of plastic goods filled with petroleum based content and either leaving them around the house or throwing them in the trash. Imagine this times gillions, billions, trillions and more.  Yikes!  That is one big toxic land fill!  

I say not only Mother Earth needs a break but so do we!  How about we start to use Organic Food and Goods, Natural Materials, Eco Clothing, Natural or Organic Bath and Cosmetics, Recycle our plastic bottles and all other materials possible, be Environmentally Conscious daily, drink clean water, help plant trees, grow organic herbs, vegetable, and fruits, reclaim and reuse construction materials, create and use Alternative Energy, use Eco-cleaners, and so on.  The list is long.  We will continue to provide you with you ideas.  

If you have ideas, please send them to us at  Your ideas could be Eco Art Ideas or Organic Cooking.  Tell us about how you re-purposed one dress or shirt by redesigning and sewing it into a whole new outfit.  Send us pictures too. Give us innovative ideas that may be a first. Let us know what you ideas you have implemented.  We will post them and share them with our readers and guests.

Please look for more postings from us too.  

Lets rebuild a pristine world and bring back the sparkling clean water and air!