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Ten Multi-Chain Short Necklace - Vintage Recycled Metal

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 Ten Multi-Chain Short Necklace - Vintage Recycled Metal

Vintage recycled metal  Ten Multi-Chain short necklace. All vintage with silver and gold toned.  Diamond floral shape pendant.

This one of a kind necklace measures 19 cm or 9 " Long

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Ten Multi-Chain Short Necklace - Vintage Recycled Metal

Necklaces inspired by historic styles are fashionable, interesting, and unique. Throughout history, jewelry has been worn to adorn oneself and express social standing, style, and personality. Varieties of necklaces have ranged from subtle and simple to extravagant and flashy. The most popular vintage jewelry today draws on elegance and fascinating design, as exemplified in this vintage recycled metal necklace.

Fashionable and Environmentally Friendly

The material an item is made out of largely determines how environmentally friendly it is. In the case of our vintage recycled metal necklace, recycled metals are used in its constructionto prevent further resources from being used up and reduce waste in landfills. The metal is silver and gold toned to prevent the jewelry from looking worn out over time.

Class and Conservation

A piece of jewelry as classy as this vintage recycled metal necklace is perfect for dressing an outfit up. It should be worn over a flat high top garment or around a bare neck. It is a short necklace intended to be close to the neck.

Five gold or silver chains form each side of the Vintage Recycled Metal Necklace. The multi-chain feel adds to the appeal of this beautiful piece. The highlight of the item is the center pendant, which is shaped like a diamond, set off by an irresistibly intriguing floral design. Get yours as soon as possible to add a little class to any outfit.