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Men's Banded Collar Shirt - Hemp

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Men's Banded Collar Shirt - Hemp

A long-sleeve shirt with banded collar and one chest pocket. 100% European hemp fabric. Comes in a eco-friendly color by using plant based dyes. 
Note that this clothing is not pre-shrunk, so consider going for one size larger.
As with all hemp products, they are both hand and machine washable and if line-dried, they will last a lifetime. They will be fine in a dryer, but like with any fabric, using a dryer will reduce its lifetime.

Medium:  Neck: 16” – Shoulder: 20” – Waist (mult. by 2): 24” – Chest:25” –Sleeve Lenght: 23.5” – Body Length: 31”

Color: Smoke Blue
Size: Medium 

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