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Amusement Park Craft Lights - Solar Powered LEDs

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Amusement Park Craft Lights - Solar Powered LEDs

A place from childhood imagination turned into a decorative night light! This solar-powered night light makes for a playful tabletop ornament both day and night. It charges during the day using energy from sunlight and florescent lights. It’s an ecofriendly and joyful night light that inspires your child’s imagination even more! 

The Amusement Park Craft Light uses solar powered LEDs, eco-friendly and safe to use as intended. The solar panels can be charged by sunlight and fluorescent light and charge lasts for 4-5 hours. Average charging time is 10-15 hours. Made in Korea using 100% unbleached ECF (elemental chlorine free) eco craft paper. Bring the amusement park to your home and enjoy every day and night!

Dimensions: 8x7x0.03

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