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Sustainable Terms

Sol Né was built on the premise of enhancing the health and well being of all people and the planet. This means supplying products that serve to better humanity and that contribute to the conservation of our environment for today and future generations. Sol Né goes to great lengths to identify the most sustainable and green products and practices. Each of our vendors must meet a strict set of standards related to the products they supply to us and provide us information in writing about the sustainable and green aspects of every product. However, there may be circumstances where we are provided with inaccurate information by our vendors about the true nature of the products. Those circumstances are deeply regrettable, but are out of our control. We will continue our research in order to improve Eco-Qualities available in U.S., neighboring countries, and globally.

Allergy, Reaction, and Health Policy

Although our search for natural and organic materials and processes is expansive, reactions are unique to each person. Reactions occur as a result of eating, touching, inhaling, or coming in contact with an allergen. SolNé attempts to purchase products which do not include common allergens. However, we cannot predict which products may affect each person. Although we will happily return or exchange any items to which you are allergic, due to the unique biochemistry of every individual we cannot guarantee that no reaction will occur and we will not assume responsibility for any damages caused by allergic reactions to our products. If you have any concerns about any reactions, please consult your physician prior to purchasing any of our products.