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About Us

About Us

Once upon a time, we were the innovators of the Green World and dared to speak up and say Green/Eco is the healthier way to go for the Planet, the Environment and all of humanity.  Since Solne´ (Sun Born) began, the Eco Green and Sustainable Industry has become a boom Industry.

Solne´ has evolved into a sophisticated online eco-friendly clothing store with an exceptional collection of products for every one.  Our home collection is growing while the purest products are being manufactured and offered worldwide.


Our goal is to be a part of the transformation of manufacturing in the USA.  Made in the USA is a label we are proud of.  Many of our fashion products are made right here in the states, and many more of our suppliers are moving their manufacturing contracts to the US.

We look for the purest eco-friendly clothing products.  We also check into Sustainable Practices by our suppliers, whether in the US or overseas.  We look for an Eco Trail that meets our high Eco Green standards and quality control. 

Taking Action

The team at Solne has over 20 years of experience in qualifying the purest products.

The realization came to us that certain environmental factors may cause disease.  If these factors or elements can cause human disease, they must cause environmental harm as well.  

After studying numerous scientific reports, taking action became a passionate cause for the team at Solne.  We are fortunate to find new partners in this cause.  We all strive to perfect the Sustainable Industries and bring as pure a product to the masses as possible.

Eco Products for Everyone

Our goal is to reach all ages and groups of people.  Organic Baby Fashion, Adult fashion and accessories, home goods, health products, bath, body and beauty industries all contribute to saving tons of toxic exposure to all people and our environment, be it the air, water, soil, food or agriculture of any sorts.

We invite you buy organic and eco-friendly clothing products wherever and whenever possible.

Customer Care

In addition to ethical practices, we are committed to the highest standards in customer service. Orders are typically shipped the day after they are received, and our friendly staff is happy to answer any of your questions. Whatever your needs, we will do our best to accommodate. Don’t hesitate to approach us with any concerns.

Shop Our Collection

Your purchase will support the growth of the Sustainable Industry.  Solne will continue to make it easier for you to access and purchase the best and the purest eco-friendly clothing products for yourself, your family, and your home.

We invite you to keep coming back to Solne for the best and newest Eco, Green, Organic and Sustainable product collections.